My first digital video work I've started in the student age when I was a member of the software development team "Uniscan@ (It was the first russian optical scanner development company). Since then I had more than one role and job linked with digital video: programmer, design engineer, project manager, on the one hand, and the director, cinematographer, editor, consultant - on the other.

Here are the completed or brought to the stage of implementation projects with my participation, related to digital video, in which my contribution was more than 20%.

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Derived from QSDeinterlace (VirtualDub plug-in for deinterlacing), StroboDeinterlace has grown into an independent package, capable of working with video as a single editor or as frameserver (in conjunction with other image and video processing software). Using a stroboscope physical model for all sufficiently large objects moving within videoframe "Strobo" allows very accurate processing (deinterlacing without artifacts while not losing the effective resolution).

In addition "Strobo" has other video processing routines.

Deinterlacing or the conversion process from the interlaced video to the progressive remains still actual: the film era of amateur and professional video and the first steps of the digital video had left us with a lot of nonprogressive materials. Ideal algorithm of interlaced video convertation does not exist we have to make some compromise decisions while treating the video materials.

QSDeinterlace is a plug-in for the popular video processing software VirtualDub (and its variants) originally appeared as a similar plug-in optimization SmartDeinterlace Donald Graft but then all of the algorithms have been completely redone leaving only the original way of working with fields.